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Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Holidays - Caribbean Vacation Spots - Aruba Island - Caribbean Beaches » Best Caribbean Holiday PlacesCaribbean Coast Island; Anguilla:

Anguilla is one of the best top vacation spots in the Caribbean; you can come and feel relaxed in this Caribbean coast island. This island is located on the north side of the Caribbean. This small island is rich in historic backgrounds.

The best thing about Anguilla is the presence of incredible and exceptional hotels with a very amazing variety and quality of services. Anguilla is famous for one of the best water diving activities. The ambience of the island is worth seeing; you can go and see different sites of the island to relax yourself. The prices of hotels are normally high but there are some exceptions as well. You can find some economical hotels too.

Island of Aruba:

This island is good in offering vacation packages for those who love to have fun and enjoy in the sun. This island is in the center of the south side of the Caribbean. Aruba is a good place for those who love to indulge in a lot of outdoor activities because of the warm sunny weather during the whole year.

The island has plenty of beaches and is good for all types of water activities and casinos. Aruba is very well-known in the whole world for its night life.


This island is well known for its good tourism packages for all those people who love to see nature. The place is full of natural scenes and offers a good economical range of vacation packages. You can visit the plenty of white sand beaches, few exclusive botanical grounds and sugar cane cultivated areas.


Curacao is a good place for those who love to spend their vacations at beaches. The island has a total number of 38 beaches and every single beach has its own unique features.

This island offers a lot of activities for tourists including a big nature park and variety of shopping places where you can buy souvenirs. The place has plenty of bars and good casinos to spend time.

Dominican Republic:

This place also has variety of tourist places ranging from beaches to bars and all types of shops and business activities.

These are the some top Caribbean islands where you can plan to spend your winter vacations and you will surely love the places.


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