Caring For Post Pregnancy Stitches

Caring For Post Pregnancy Stitches

Caring For Post Pregnancy Stitches - Post Pregnancy Stitches - Pregnancy Stitches » Caring for Post Pregnancy StitchesGiving birth to a child is one of the most memorable moments for a mother. However, along with happiness and joy, one also has to suffer pain which comes with labor as well as post surgery complications. A mother not only has to take care of her baby but also of herself as post surgery care is extremely important for the health and safety of a mother. Even if you have had a normal delivery, there are chances that you have to deal with post pregnancy stitches care as chances of episiotomy are always there which implies making a surgical cut to enlarge the vagina for baby’s safe birth. Thus, having stitches after pregnancy is common in most women and this involves proper care and protection to enable a safer and a faster healing.

To enable a faster healing of stitches and pain associated with them, one can try sitting in a tub of warm water for about 15-20 minutes a day to help reduce soreness and pain. In addition, one should regularly clean one’s bottom and rinse it with the squirt bottle which one gets from the hospital. This method helps in the faster healing of stitches. Adding a little lavender oil to the bath water can bring about a relaxing and a soothing effect. Moreover, one should ensure n sitting down on something soft to reduce pain and discomfort of stitches.

There are many gel pads available especially for reducing post pregnancy pain and discomfort. Most importantly, one should try to move around and enable some movement of the body to ensure proper blood circulation which in turn can help in the reduction of swelling and redness along with enabling a faster healing process. Though moving around may seem painful in the beginning, it is necessary to ensure faster healing of your stitches. By following certain basic guidelines, one can take care of oneself and enable a faster healing and recovery.

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