Carpet Care Tips

Carpet Care Tips

Carpet Care Tips - How to Clean Carpet: Steam Cleaning - How to Clean Your Carpet - Carpet Cleaning Tip | Tips on - Find TipsTaking Care of Your Carpet

Carpets add a kind of royal look to your house because they are considered to be a luxury item. But a great looking carpet is also equally expensive. So you need to be very sure that you do proper cleaning of your carpet. Here are some of the tips on taking care of carpet.

Vacuum cleaning your carpet as often as possible prolongs its life and makes it look like new. Always use a high quality cleaner so that the effect is maximum. Also make sure that you use vacuum cleaner in all the directions such that no section is left undone or neglected.

It is important that once in every six month you get your carpet steam clean. Either approach professionals or do it yourself using a deep cleaning machine to clean it thoroughly. Ensure that no kind of liquid falls on your carpet and if it does quickly wash it off using water. But if the stain still does not go away use any anti-stain product that will serve the purpose. If you have a colored carpet then avoid using solutions that include bleaches as it might lead to discoloration. Never use hair dryer to dry a stain in the carpet because in that case the stain will get permanently blemished there.

Always have a door mat kept in place at your house entrance that will take off much of the dirt from people’s shoes. Also be regular in cleaning door mats because otherwise they might themselves become the cause of dirt and filth. Besides, mats outside your toilets and bathroom also have a very good purpose. They soak in wetness from your footwear and protect your carpet from getting damp.

To get rid of any kind of fungus formation either you can make use of home made concoction of salt solution and lime juice or non-chlorine bleach. Even solution of hydrogen peroxide brushed onto the affected will help.

In cleaning carpet you have to be very careful. Excess usage of detergent is not recommended. Make sure that you use a solution of around 9 pH and not more than 10. If you are doing the cleaning of your carpet on your own always rinse well otherwise the dried detergent residue might attract more dust particles.

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