Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet Cleaning Myths - How to Keep Your Carpet Clean - Carpet Cleaning Facts » Carpet Cleaning MythsFloor carpeting enhances the look of a house. Even with minimum decorations and few furniture pieces, the living room can look brighter and cozier by the addition of a carpet. However, carpets are no ordinary piece of cloth.

They require tender love and care if they are to be kept for long. Carpet maintenance is no easy job especially when you have thoughtless guests walking all over them!

There are many myths associated with cleaning of carpets. While some may be partially true, others are completely false. Let’s deal with these myths one by one.

Carpets should never be cleaned. Wrong. In fact carpets need to be cleaned regularly if you want to make them last longer. However, they don’t require to be cleaned as often as your clothes do; once a year is just enough.

Carpets should not be cleaned before they become dirty. Don’t wait for the carpet to gather dust. Instead wash it when a suitable time has passed. It’s easier to clean and later on maintain a not-so-dirty carpet.

Carpets dark in color don’t require to be washed. Just because you cant see the dirt doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Would you rather accumulate dust in your house and fall sick?

Carpet cleaning is dangerous. Absolutely not. Carpets are harmless pieces that don’t threaten anyone in anyway. They keep lying in that place where you put them without showing any signs of movement!

Carpets get dirty faster if cleaned. Not at all. Nowadays carpet washers use detergents that are not soapy. Hence there is no residue of any kind that is left behind. All the dirt attracting particles are removed.

Carpet loses its color if put in the sun. No. In fact your carpet needs vitamin D as much as you do. Keeping it in the sun for an hour or so will dry it out completely if it has been gathering moisture inside. It will also help get rid of the moist stink from the carpet. As a result, you will breather better.

Carpets can be cleaned at home. Yes. They can be cleaned at home but don’t expect professional results since you aren’t one. It’s a better idea to give the carpet for cleaning to someone who knows what exactly needs to be done. Carpet washing is an intricate job and requires an expert hand.

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