Carrots and their Health Benefits

Carrots and their Health Benefits

Carrots and their Health Benefits - Health Benefits of Carrots - Vitamins in Carrots - Minerals in Carrots | Tips on - Find TipsCarrots are the orange colored, cone shaped, sweet tasting vegetables, which has high nutritional values. Carrots can be consumed in all forms raw, steamed, boiled or cooked. It can be used to make various tasty dishes. However, raw carrot is a large storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Carrot is highly rich in Vitamin A that is present in the form of Beta Carotene. Vitamin A helps in improving the condition of your eyesight thus, strengthening your vision. If there is a lack of Vitamin A there arises chances of vision distortion including blindness and night vision.

Carrot is rich in fiber and thus can improve the metabolism rate of your body. Consumption of raw carrot helps to treat constipation. The fiber present in them regulates the excretion process positively. Carrot juice is also highly beneficial. In fact, it has higher nutritional values compared to raw carrot. Consumption of raw carrot results in consumption of indigestible fibers which otherwise can be avoided, I consumed in juice form. If your child consumes a glass of carrot juice daily, it means that he consumes 100% of the beta-carotene present in it. Thus, carrot juice is a better option than raw carrot.

Carrot juice also helps to clear the toxic material from your body. This is possible because it contains anti-carcinogen properties. This trait also helps to prevent cancer.

Carrots are very good for the skin. They can be used to cure various skin diseases. Apart from this carrot helps to bring a glow in your skin. You can also apply the carrot on your face as a face pack; this can help to prevent suntan. The beta-carotene present in the carrot acts as a huge antioxidant that prevents the process of cell degeneration and slows down ageing.

You can treat carrot juice as a health tonic. This is because it helps to keep you fit by increasing your immunity and makes your skin glow.

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