Cause of Dandruff

Cause of Dandruff

Cause of Dandruff - Remedy for Dandruff - How to Treat Dandruff - Treat Dandruff with Vinegar » Stop Worrying About DandruffIf you’re one of those people who see flakes on the shoulders of your shirt, don’t be ashamed. Dandruff is a common problem that affects as much as seventy percent of the population in the United States.

While dandruff is a scalp problem, it is non-transferrable. Dandruff is more of an embarrassment and nuisance.

Despite dandruff being such a common occurrence, people are still stumped when it comes to finding a way to permanently treat the condition. This article will address several ways to effectively treat dandruff while keeping your costs low.

Studies have been performed to single out the cause of dandruff. Results show that one of the causes of dandruff is an imbalance in the amount of yeast that a person’s body produces.

Pityrosporum ovale affects the formation of dandruff. But yeast levels in the body are not the primary cause of dandruff. Dandruff is a natural occurrence as the skin continues to shed dead skin cells to make room for a regrowth.

As the dead skin cells break free from the scalp they build up on the head and deposit themselves on a person’s shoulder.

Dandruff problems do not just come from the body’s yeast levels or shedding of dead skin cells. External and environmental factors can cause dandruff.

For example, when a person is under stress he/she may experience an increase in dandruff. Or in the winter time when the air is dryer it can cause the scalp to lose moisture.

There are different types of dandruff treatment based on a person’s individual situation. People with a mild amount of dandruff may see their dandruff disappear if they wash their hair more often.

There are also medicated dandruff shampoos that can treat dandruff. These special shampoos contain ketaconazole which has been proven effective in treating dandruff.

If you’ve tried the shampoos and they are not working you may want to look at the styling products you are using on your hair. Some of these products can dry out your scalp.

If you experience dry, brittle hair, try a moisture enhancing shampoo. When using this type of product, keep the shampoo specifically at the roots of the hair to avoid removing moisture from the length of the strand of hair.

There are natural ways to remedy dandruff but these treatments take longer than the store remedies. A combination of coconut oil and lemon juice can be applied to the scalp. Another natural remedy is vinegar. Vinegar treats dandruff by detoxifying the scalp.

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