Causes and Symptoms of Anemia

Causes and Symptoms of Anemia

Causes and Symptoms of Anemia - Anemia Symptoms - Signs of Anemia | Tips on - Find TipsAnemia results from deficiency of red blood corpuscles. RBC consists of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to different parts of your body and facilitates the growth of tissues. Therefore lack of RBC means lack of hemoglobin and the body functions also gets interrupted. Do not neglect this disease. If you start experiencing symptoms of anemia the best option is to consult a specialist immediately.

Today I will discuss the causes and symptoms of this disease:

Causes: These are the common causes of the disease:

1.) Destruction of RBC at a higher rate due to some reasons can result in anemia. This type of anemia is commonly known as hemolytic anemia. It is generally caused due to several types of infections.

2.) Hemolytic Anemia can be caused due to infection from certain types of medicines.

3.) It can also be caused due to either heavy intestinal bleeding or heavy menstrual bleeding.

4.) This disease can happen due to insufficient production of RBC in your blood.

5.) You can encounter this disease if you have been affected by some strong viral infection.

6.) Sometimes anemia can be categorized as a hereditary disease.

7.) Iron deficiency can result in anemia. Iron enhances the growth of hemoglobin and without proper iron formation in your body you have all the chances of encountering this disease.

8.) This disease can happen due to deficiency of other vitamins and minerals too.

Symptoms: Here are the common symptoms that will help you detect anemia.

1.) Your skin starts loosing its original glow and color. You look pale and sick.

2.) The color of your nails and lips become pale and whitish.

3.) You loose your patient and start getting irritated easily.

4.) You loose energy soon and start to feel depressed.

5.) You feel dizzy and weak.

6.) There are signs of heavy palpitation.

7.) The white portion of your eyes might turn yellowish at times too.

8.) The color of your urine becomes reddish.

9.) If you are pregnant the growth of your child is affected.

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