Causes And Symptoms Of Vaginal Infections

Causes And Symptoms Of Vaginal Infections

Causes And Symptoms Of Vaginal Infections - Treatment Of Vaginal Infections - Medications For Vaginal Infections » Causes and Symptoms of Vaginal InfectionsMost of the women suffer from vaginal infections sometimes or the other in their life. Vaginal infections are common and of various kinds, usually caused by yeast and bacteria. Usually, bacteria, fungi and viruses start growing near the vaginal area to lead to such infections. Given are the symptoms of vaginal infections and the causes behind its occurrence.

Before going into the details of the factors that can lead to vaginal infections, let’s understand its various symptoms. Women suffering from vaginal infections will display symptoms like vaginal discharge which can range from being thick, yellowish, grayish, and even cottage cheese kind with unpleasant smell. Abdominal pains and pain and bleeding during/after sex can also be symptoms of vaginal infections. Vaginal odor is another common symptom associated with such infections. Certain kinds of infections can also lead to swelling and pain in the vaginal area along with the reddening of the area.

Having understood the symptoms of vaginal infections, let’s now look at the various kinds of vaginal infections and the causes of them. Women are generally affected by common vaginal infections like yeast infections or Candida vulvovaginitis, bacterial infections and those caused by parasites.

The most common kind of vaginal infections are yeast infections and they can be caused due to intake of contraceptive pills, and during pregnancy. Some women also tend to face the problem of this infection before menstruation. Women with diabetes or those under antibiotic medication for some other illness are also vulnerable to yeast infections. Anything that leads to an imbalance of organisms in your vagina makes you susceptible to such infections. There are also certain vaginal infections which get acquired during sexual contact.

Vaginal infections are quite common and can be easily treated with the help of medications and creams. All you need to do is to consult your doctor whenever you find any of the above given symptoms.

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