Causes and Treatments of Stretch Marks

Causes and Treatments of Stretch Marks

Causes and Treatments of Stretch Marks - Stretch Mark Removal Treatments - Pregnancy Stretch Marks | Tips on - Find TipsIf it hadn’t been for advancement in modern medicines and cosmetic treatments, stretch marks would have continued to embarrass thousands of women. No longer we have to worry about hiding these ugly marks on our body. These marks can be easily removed through dermabrasion and laser surgeries.

Causes of Stretch Marks
Stretch mark develops when due to some reason your skin is excessively stretched. These scars develop in the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin. If the dermis is continuously stretched, its elasticity breaks down. The natural repair mechanism of the skin tries to resolve this problem by increasing the production of collagen on the stretched zone of the skin. The scar that consequently develops in the dermis becomes visible through the epidermis or the upper skin layer.

In more severe cases, the damaged collagen fibers cause the blood vessels present in the area to expand. The dilated blood vessels give red or purple color to the scars. Damage in the collagen structure might damage the melanin or the pigment producing cells of the skin. This produces white marks on the skin. Stretch marks can exist on a small part of your skin or might occur over a larger area.

Pregnancy is a major cause of stretch marks. As the skin and tissue over the abdominal area is stretched as pregnancy advances, the stretch marks become prominent. Stretch marks often appear as side effects of certain steroid based medicines. If you rapidly gain weight in a short time, your skin will be overstretched causing stretch marks. The rise in activity of glucocorticoid hormone during adolescence and pregnancy are often responsible for stretch marks. The level of this hormone is also high among weightlifters.

Stretch mark removal treatments
Laser surgery is the most popular method of removing stretch marks. Dermabrasion, though not as effective as laser treatment, are at times performed to remove mild stretch marks. Through proper diet and exercise, pregnant women can prevent stretch marks to some extent.

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