Causes & Cure For Vaginal Dryness

Causes & Cure For Vaginal Dryness

Causes & Cure For Vaginal Dryness - Treatments For Vaginal Dryness » Vaginal Dryness Treatment – Cure Vaginal Dryness NaturallyMost women who are on the verge of menopause suffer from vaginal dryness. An estimated 80% of the female population in the United States suffers from this condition.

The only significant cause of this condition is imbalance in hormone production, and all treatments to cure this condition are focused on bringing about hormonal balance.

Vaginal dryness usually occurs during menopause, because of falling levels of estrogen, giving rise to some reproductive problems in women.

Because of lower estrogen levels, the vaginal walls become dry and thin, resulting in painful intercourse, along with a burning sensation in the vagina. Sometimes there may be bleeding during intercourse, apart from making women easily vulnerable to infections of the urinary tract.

A number of natural and herbal cures are available to solve this problem. First and foremost is your diet; a proper diet and plenty of water intake daily will be of great help. Also there are lubricants and natural supplements that can be a big help.

Herbal medicines are a mixture of many natural products and nutritious elements which will boost blood supply to the genital area and increase production of sex hormones. The increased level of sex hormones will help ensure that the vagina walls are kept moist. Such natural products contain epimedium sagittatum, hops extract, tribulus terrestris, gingko, etc.

These natural medicines can ensure increased flow of blood to the genital area apart from enlarging the clitoris, which helps increase stimulus, helping in more foreplay. They also increase nitric acid which in turn increases blood supply to the vagina.

These supplements also help estrogen production without causing any kind of side effects, which is a great advantage. This has made many women decide to take such supplements to get rid of the problem of dryness in the vagina and also enhance their sex drive because they tend to lose interest in sex during middle age. These supplements also help with fertility problems.

These supplements do not in any way interfere with your contraceptive preparations, whether pills or injections. If you are buying proper supplements of good quality, they will not have any side effects.

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