Causes of Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis - Arthritis Treatment - Arthritis Medications - How to Prevent Arthritis » Causes of ArthritisA common joint problem, arthritis is a medical condition characterized by stiff, tender, and inflamed joints with difficulty in their movement. Along with joint pain, arthritis can also lead to the inflaming of the affected area, leading to stiffness and immense pain. Given below are the various causes that can lead to arthritis.

To understand the causes of arthritis, we need to know that arthritis is primarily of two kinds: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. While the former is a result of the wear and tear of the cartilage, the latter is primarily associated with joint inflammation and is a result of overactive immune system. With an overactive immune system, your body’s defense mechanism becomes your enemy as it starts attacking your body considering some part of it to be foreign and harmful.

In a person suffering from arthritis, there is a breakdown of the cartilage which in turn affects joint health and movement. Also, over exercise or complete lack of exercise too can affect your joints health and flexibility. Arthritis is commonly associated with aging process because as the person ages, there is a general wear and tear of his body and his joints which in turn can lead to arthritis.

In addition to the above mentioned causes, arthritis can also be caused due to some broken bone and also due to a bacterial or viral infection.

Arthritis affects a majority of population. The key to prevent the problem from worsening is by recognizing the problem on time and preventing its further degradation through preventive steps, physiotherapy and medications.

Osteoarthritis in particular can be prevented from worsening through regular exercise, healthy diet, and weight reduction. Whatever be the cause or the severity level of the problem, early diagnosis and timely treatment are a must for staying healthy and fit.

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