Causes of Brain Damage

Causes of Brain Damage

Causes of Brain Damage - Brain Healthy Diet - Causes Of Brain Hemorrhage » Causes of Brain DamageHaving a healthy brain is the key to leading a healthy life. We all dread at the thought of brain damage and strokes and often wish to have a healthy and a fit brain. However, there are many people who suffer from brain damage.

While there are some children who are born with a brain defect, there are also many who acquire this problem sometimes in their life. Given below are some causes of brain damage.

It has been found that children who are born with a brain defect are usually premature babies or those who suffer from certain infections and even lack of oxygen during the birthing process.

Brain damage has many causes associated with it. Any kind of physical injury to the brain can lead to brain damage. Similarly, high blood pressure increases the chances of stroke and brain hemorrhage. You should also avoid high sugar consumption as having excess of sugar in the body interferes with the healthy functioning of the brain.

Having a healthy diet is a must as malnutrition and lack of essential nutrients in the body can increase your risk of brain damage. Insufficient nutrients in the body can decrease your brain’s efficiency and slowly degrade it. Additionally, smoking is another cause of brain damage as it adversely affects the functioning of the brain over a period of time.

Your brain requires adequate oxygen supply and adequate sleep for healthy functioning. Do not sacrifice on your sleep as that implies putting yourself at risk to various problems. Also, try to stay away from pollution as it can adversely affect oxygen supply to the brain. There are also many medical conditions that can lead to brain damage like epilepsy, concussion, Wilson’s disease and others.

Along with the above factors, you should also stay away from stress as accelerated hypertension can lead to brain damage. Thus, avoid the mentioned causes and keep your brain occupied via brain teasers and other activities to keep it healthy and fit.

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