Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer - Reasons for breast cancer - Breast Cancer Treatment | Tips on - Find TipsBreast cancer is more common in women above the age of 35 years. It can be developed at any stage of the growth, before or after menopause. It can occur due to many reasons.

Here are some reasons for breast cancer.

Reasons for breast cancer

1. Genetic

A woman from a family with past history of breast cancer will have more chances for getting it. If the chromosomes carrying breast cancer gene is there in the woman then she will have 85% chance for getting breast cancer.

2. Previous History

If any body having a previous history of breast or ovarian cancer will have more chance for a second cancer. Women, who had breast cancer before menopause, may have an inclination to develop another breast cancer later in their life. It may not be related to the first breast cancer.

3. Early Menarche

A child having early menarche, ie before the age of twelve has more chances of breast cancer. They had more menstrual cycles in their life time and are more exposed to the hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

4. Hormonal Changes

Women having no child or having child after the age of thirty may have hormonal changes than normal women. This causes the risk of breast cancer. Ladies with delayed menopause might have the same risk.

Mothers who never adopt breast feeding are also likely to get this disease. Uses of hormonal contraceptives and hormonal treatments are also prone to breast cancer.

5. Geographical Factors

People in western countries are more prone to breast cancer than any other part of the world. Asian women are less likely to get breast cancer.

6. Diet

Daily use of alcoholic beverages in the diet might cause breast cancer. A diet containing lot of saturated fats or polyunsaturated fats might end in breast cancer.

7. Over Weight

Women having over weight or having heavy breasts are having a tendency to develop breast cancer.

8. Radiation

Women had radiation treatments before in their life greatly increments the chances of breast cancer.

9. Dense Breast Tissues

Women having dense breast tissues cause more problems in this area. They will have less fatty tissues and more glandular breast tissues. In such cases the screening of breast cancer in early stages are difficult even with mammography.

10. High Insulin

Women having high amount of insulin in their blood are in risk of having breast cancer.

11. Treatment Using Diethylstilbestrol

Treatment with diethylstilbestrol for inhibiting miscarriage also leads to breast cancer. The baby girl inside the womb is also got effected by this drug.

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