Causes Of Forgetfulness

Causes Of Forgetfulness

Causes Of Forgetfulness - Stress Causes Forgetfulness - Treatment Of Forgetfulness » Causes of ForgetfulnessForgetting things in old age is seen as natural. But how will you react when you hear about young people forgetting important things? Well, seldom forgetting of things can be seen as a sign of brain overload and even emotional stress, there are times when this problem of forgetting things becomes chronic in young and not-so-old people. Given below are some causes for this problem.

Many times, you might forget things if you are inattentive or lack the required concentration level. That is to say, you might be physically present but emotionally absent in a place and thus, you are likely to forget things discussed during that time. You need to have proper attention level to be able to grasp things and it is only once you grasp things that you will be able to remember them.

Amoral activities and habits like alcohol and drug abuse can lead to the problem of forgetfulness. Thus, if you drink a lot or indulge yourself in drugs, then there is a huge possibility of your becoming forgetful and lost. Also, if you are facing excessive fatigue, then too you can forget things.

There are also certain emotional factors responsible for the problem of forgetfulness. Excessive stress, depression, emotional problem, grief, terror, shock or anxiety can all lead to the problem of forgetfulness. Additionally, forgetfulness can also be caused by medical problems like Alzheimer’s disease. While we generally associate Alzheimer’s with old age, it can occur at an earlier stage too.

Along with the above causes, there are also certain medications that can lead to the problem of forgetfulness. Additionally, certain problems of the nervous system can also lead to this problem.

If you are frequently facing the problem of forgetting things, then you must look into its cause to get it treated on time.

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