Causes Of Heart Attacks In Young Women

Causes Of Heart Attacks In Young Women

Causes Of Heart Attacks In Young Women - Sleep Disorders and Insomnia in Women » Sleeplessness In Women May Cause Heart AttacksThough heart attack has been known as a male’s disease, the reality is that it kills more females, annually around 460,000; which is more than the deaths caused by various types of cancer together.

Even then, it is still known as a man’s ailment, even as doctors ignore symptoms in the females till it is too late. While there is no explanation for this kind of negligence, you may be able to explain why so many females are afflicted with this disease.

Studies point out that may be sleeplessness is promoting these conditions in females; even as women deny themselves sleep to tend to family members.

A study which appeared in the journal “Sleep” suggests that women who had less than 5 hours of sleep had overdoses of protein in their blood, including C – reactive protein which is indicative of an impending heart attack. Heart attack is not the only ailment connected to high protein CRP levels in blood. Such people are more prone to get an attack than a female with normal levels. These levels are more trustworthy symptoms compared to homocysteine or cholesterol to suggest an impending heart attack.

High CRP in blood can cause serious conditions including dental aberrations, obesity, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Viral diseases, etc. Compare this with the fact that men who did not have sufficient sleep did not report any increase in CRP. Till recently it was believed that inflammation in human bodies’ results in increased CRP levels, may be as a reaction to a toxin, injury, infection or burns. Recent studies however have linked sleeplessness in women to this condition. Increased CRP resulted from other sources will decline, whereas high levels due to sleeplessness will tend to retain the high levels.

When you consider that women deprive themselves of sleep, even as they keep attending to other family members, and the resultant complications, no wonder more females are dying than men due to heart related conditions.

Women will be well advised not to lose their sleep for cleaning the kitchen or preparing tomorrow’s brunch for family members. Let the family members learn to do some things by themselves so that you do not lose your much required sleep.

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