Causes of Hemophilia

Causes of Hemophilia

Causes of Hemophilia - Symptoms of Hemophilia - Joint Bleeding in Hemophilia - Treatment of Hemophilia » Hemophilia Causes and SymptomsHemophilia is a genetic disorder which affects the blood clotting system of the body and leads to unnatural and prolonged bleeding. In people suffering from hemophilia, even a small cut or a wound produces a lot of bleeding as there is a delay in the blot clotting mechanism of the body. It is important to recognize this problem on time so as to take extra precaution and care.

As mentioned above, hemophilia is a genetic disorder and it is believed to be prevalent more in males than females. However, it is the mothers who are seen as carriers of this disease. The person suffering from hemophilia has more than normal blood loss even due to a small injury. Thus, they need to prevent themselves form injuries, as much as they can.

While delayed blood clotting is one of the symptoms of hemophilia, one severe kind of symptom is when there is spontaneous bleeding in joints and muscles which in turn increases the chances of arthritis and also weakens the muscles. Additionally, this unnatural bleeding can affect your nerves and even lead to physical disability in severe cases. Easy bruising is another symptom of hemophilia.

As mentioned above, bleeding in joints and that too frequent bleeding is one of the symptoms of hemophilia. You can witness it through joint pains, and swellings. This problem of joint bleeding is medically termed as haemarthrosis. While all joints can be affected by this problem, the ones commonly affected are knees, ankles, and elbows.

If you experience the above symptoms, then you must get yourself checked and there are various tests to confirm the problem of hemophilia. It is important to get this problem identified on time so that one can get timely treatment and prevent unwanted consequences like internal bleeding and hemorrhages.

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