Causes of Irritability

Causes of Irritability

Causes of Irritability - Irritability Symptoms - Stress Management Techniques » Causes of IrritabilityDo you easily and frequently get irritated and end up losing your temper? People of all age groups can suffer from this problem of irritability and this is more frequently witnessed in teenagers and adolescents. There are many causes of irritability and this article will highlight such causes.

To begin with, people generally get irritated when things don’t work out according to their liking. You might have planned things to move according to your desires but when that does not happen and circumstances seem to get out of control, many people become irritated, grumpy and frequently lose their temper.

You need to be patient and develop the positive approach towards life to prevent frequent episodes of irritability.

Irritability is often caused when a person is stressed or overworked. In addition, a tired and fatigued body and lack of sleep are some other causes that can trigger irritability in a person.

Thus, you should try to have a healthy lifestyle and practice stress management techniques to avoid irritability. Also, if you don’t get proper sleep, then you must get yourself checked as certain sleep related problems like obstructive sleep apnea can lead to the problem of irritability.

If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, then too you might remain irritable and grumpy. In addition, when people try to get over such bad habits, then they might suffer from withdrawal symptoms which often make a person feel irritable and have mood swings.

Irritability can also be caused by some underlying medical problem. When a body is under pain and discomfort, then you often carry an irritable mood.

Problems like hyperthyroidism, hormonal changes, headaches, diabetes, common cold and flu, depression and other minor and major problems can lead to the person becoming irritable.

Understand the above given causes of irritability so that you can take the required steps to prevent and control it.

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