Causes Of Palpitations

Causes Of Palpitations

Causes Of Palpitations - Home Remedies For Palpitation - Treating Palpitation » Home Remedies for PalpitationDo you feel a constant thumping noise and feeling in your chest? If yes, then you are probably suffering from heart palpitations. While palpitations occur for some time after excessive physical exercise or anxiety, constant fast thumping of heart is not a healthy indication.

Palpitations can be caused by heart complications, thyroid gland malfunctioning and even due to problems like anemia.

If the thumping and fast beating of your heart is a regular or a frequent phenomenon, then it refers to the problem of palpitation. This problem in turn is characterized by irregular heart beating, dizziness, fatigue, chest pain and excessive sweating amongst others. Given below are some home remedies which can prove beneficial for the treatment of palpitation.

When we think about natural ways for treating palpitation, the first thing that comes to mind is grapes. Having grape juice is effective. Black haw root bark has also been found to be effective for treating palpitation due to it being an antispasmodic. Having one glass of water mixed with one tablespoon of honey and half teaspoon of lemon juice is effective for this problem. This mixture/drink should be ideally taken before going to bed.

Similarly, the problem of palpitation can also be cured using aniseed and dry coriander. All you need to do is to make a powdered mixture of aniseed, dry coriander, and jaggery and then consume it after meals.

Along with the above given home remedies, you should also take preventive measures to prevent the problem of heart palpitation. These preventive measures include having fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding stimulant drinks like alcohol and coffee, exercising and de-stressing yourself through yoga and meditation, and also indulging in some helpful breathing exercises.

All these preventive measures along with above given home remedies can help you stay healthy without the fear of problems like heart palpitation.

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