Causes of Panic Attacks

Causes of Panic Attacks

Causes of Panic Attacks - Psychology Fear - Severe Panic Attack » Why People Suffer From Panic AttacksA Panic Attack is a psychological condition in which the person fears the possible next Panic Attack. It is said that every human being has this fear. But some overreact to these fears or the psychological condition, and the fear turns into an alarming situation.

Psychologists are of the opinion that a person who suffers from Panic Attacks does not know what causes this fear or psychosis. The person panicking is unable to explain what has made him or her so afraid. However, experts have determined some of the common causes or situations that make people panic; these are listed below:


Some people are scared of dogs. Many people in this category are scared even to see a dog. When they go to a friend’s or relative’s house, if the friend’s or relative’s dog approaches them, they get scared. Such a situation takes them to a state of panic immediately. They are so scared that they are not willing to do anything.


Another category of people are scared of seeing a spider or even a cobweb. These people are so scared that they cannot take steps to kill the spider or destroy the web. There are instances in which people have even stopped their work on seeing a spider. Perhaps, such people re-enact some of the situations of the popular movie Arachnophobia.


Fears due to possible job loss, salary reduction, etc., are some of the other reasons why people have Panic Attacks. The person thinks for a moment and asks him- or herself: what if I also lose my job? In such a situation, what comes to mind is how to run the family, pay credit cards, meet the expenses of daily needs.

Such persons will have Panic Attacks frequently, because they forget the fact that, in the present job market, ‘job stability’ no longer exists. Any amount of thinking will be of no use at all.


Under the present market conditions, the economy is in a down slide. This situation has put the investor in a bad shape. Many of the investors worry about what will happen to their investments, and the more they think about the problem, the more severe is the Panic Attack.

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