Causes Of Poor Eyesight In Children

Causes Of Poor Eyesight In Children

Causes Of Poor Eyesight In Children - TV Causes Childrens Poor Eyesight - How To Preventt Poor Eye Sight In Children » Causes of Poor Eyesight in ChildrenThese days, a large number of small children can be seen with thick spectacles on their eyes, making people wonder on the factors that lead to poor eyesight in young children. There are various factors that can be held responsible for expanding number of children with spectacles. These factors range from unhealthy eating habits to unhealthy lifestyle. However, it is not only important to treat the underlying causes to prevent poor eyesight in children, but also to understand whether your child has poor eyesight or not.

To ensure your child has proper eyesight, you should get his eyes checked on a periodical basis and also check if your child is frequently rubbing his eyes or straining continuously to read things. This helps in early detection of the problem so that the number can be prevented form growing larger.

Coming back to the causes that can lead to poor eyesight in children, the first thing that can be held responsible is poor nutrition. Most of the children these days refrain from consuming a well balanced and a nutritious diet. They get so much attracted by junk and oily food that they often ignore the pleadings of their mothers to eat fresh fruits and green vegetables. Result is that they end up hiding their young innocent eyes behind large spectacles.

These days unhealthy lifestyle has contributed to children having poor eyesight at a young age. These include spending long hours in front of television and video games, not following proper reading positions, and lacking exercise. Children today have become couch potatoes glued in front of computers and TV, ending up spoiling their eyesight. Children who sit too close to the TV are at more risk of hampering their eyesight.

Thus, as a parent, you must take care of the following factors and take steps to prevent your child from having poor eyesight at a young and tender age.

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