Causes of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & How to Prevent STDs » STD : Useful Tips and Precautions

Causes of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & How to Prevent STDs » STD : Useful Tips and Precautions

Causes of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & How to Prevent STDs » STD : Useful Tips and PrecautionsHad an unsafe sex escapade and worried about the repercussions? Well, there’s more than just pregnancy and HIV to worry about. There are chances that you might contract STDs as well which may be very harmful to your health.

For those who have little or no idea of the subject, STD stands for sexually transmitted disease and STDs are on the rise in recent years.Though the western countries have a fair knowledge of the term and its consequences, many underdeveloped countries are still far behind when it comes to adequate knowledge about unsafe sex and STDs.

STDs can be quite fatal for the body in the long run and can cause several health and reproductive related issues in the body. Here are a few ‘need to know’ facts about STDs and how you can stay safe from the same.

Sexual Contacts: It doesn’t necessarily require sexual contact between two individuals for STDs to be transmitted. Even an oral act of kissing can enable an individual to contract STDs.

Open sores in the private areas can easily spread STDs if they come in contact with the mouth or any other part of the body for that matter. For example, STDs like Herpes can spread even when the infected area comes in contact with other parts of the body. It is best to refrain from all kinds of sexual contact and activities, including foreplay until the infection is cured.

Virgin Problems: Like mentioned before, intercourse is not the only way STDs can be transmitted. Oral and physical contact with the infected areas can result in the infection spreading to the other person and if you think you won’t be able to contract any such symptoms just because you are a virgin, you are terribly wrong.

Using Condoms: Condoms can prevent the transmission of sexual diseases like HIV and STDs to a great extent. However, they are not 100% accurate and can cause unfortunate accidents (for example, the condom breaks when inside the body of the partner). Nevertheless, it is always considered to use a condom for sexual intercourse, be it physical or oral.

Catching Symptoms: Many individuals feel that they have less chances of contracting STDs if they fail to notice the symtoms immediately. In contrast to thie popular belief, there are certainSTDs that show no signs or symptoms on the body until they reach an advanced stage, which in most cases is uncurable. In the worst case scenario, STD’s have known to cause infertility.

The best way to clear your doubts about contracting STD’s would be to take a test immediately. By being ignorant of the same, you can cause serious harm to your body and to your partner’s body as well.

Curable STDs: While most STDs are curable, you need to make sure to treat them in time to avoid complications at a later stage. Some STDs like Herpes cannot be cured though. Hence, it is completely necessary that you take the issue seriously and get yourself checked for infections if you indulged in unsafe sex.

Recurring STDs: There are strong chances for STDs to recur. This may be attributed to several reasons, the most common being neglect and callous attitude towards the necessary treatment.

Accordingly, some individuals start to skip their medications or treatment sessions once they notice the symptoms disappearing. However, what one needs to know in these cases is that the medication needs to be completed properly in order to avoid relapses.

Post Diagnosis Stage: If you have been diagnosed with a STD or see symptoms of the same appearing on your body, consult a doctor or a medical specialist immediately. Refrain from all kinds of sexual contact at all costs until you get cured.

On the other hand, if you suspect your partner is infected, advice him/her to seek medical help immediately before he/she risks the chance of passing the infection on to you.

STDs can have temporary and permanent affects on the body. The only way to stay away from them is to practice safe sex. It is better to indulge in sex with one trusted partner rather than enjoying sexual escapades with multiple partners.

Remember to play safe and use condoms. Never wait for the infections to disappear on their own, should you get infected. Get medical help as soon as possible to avoid repenting on not doing so later.

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