Causes of Shortage of Water

Causes of Shortage of Water

Causes of Shortage of Water - Water Shortage - How to Prevent Water Shortage - Reasons for Lesser Availability of Water | Tips on - Find TipsReasons for lesser availability of water

Increase in population

In last few decades, the population growth levels, have registered phenomenal rates, especially, in developing countries. Water is a scarce resource. We cannot augment it by scientific resources, but can only preserve it. More and more people have to be provided water for drinking and other uses, but water is not going to increase. Demand for water is ever increasing, but not the supply.

Sources of water are polluted

With increasing population, comes more and more contamination of water; once again, more of a practice in developing countries. It is rather unfortunate that all the untreated wastes are mixed with fresh water resources like ponds and rivers. The sewage water and the garbage are mixed into these water bodies which makes their water unsuitable for drinking purposes.

Changing pattern of rains

Patterns of rainfall are changing fast. Now there is lesser rainfall than what it used to be earlier. In practically all the geographies of the globe. Areas which are land locked and are only dependent on rain are the worst sufferers. One prime example is Ethiopia. This nation had nearly seven years of draught.

Wastage of water

People in urban areas are the biggest culprits in matter of wastage of water. Car service station, washing of clothes, even bathing consumes a lot of water. There is a better system of supply of water in urban areas. So city people simply get more water to waste.

How to preserve water?

Make sure the taps are always tightly closed. So as to disallow any sort of leakage of water.

Fill the glass of water with nearly the amount of water you intend to drink.

The residual water left after washing fruits and vegetable should be used in watering the plants.

Avoid bathing in shower. As gallons and gallons of water continuously flows from the shower resulting in avoidable and excessive wastage.

No industrial untreated wastes should be allowed to be drained into fresh water bodies as it makes fresh water unfit for drinking.

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