Causes of Stretch Marks

Causes of Stretch Marks

Causes of Stretch Marks - How to Reduce Stretch Marks - Stretch Mark Cure | Tips on - Find TipsPregnancy leads to many hormonal and psychological changes in the woman’s body. In pregnancy, the skin stretches in the later months to accommodate the unborn fetus. This causes the skin to build an amount of tension inside.

This condition leads to the appearance of stretch marks, also known as Striae. How does stretch mark appear? When the abdominal skin stretches, the tissues develop small tears in the epidermal surface. These tears develop into ‘marks’. Not only pregnant women, but girls during puberty phase get stretch marks too.

Stretch marks are a huge concern for those who are very particular about maintaining a good figure and hence find it annoying. There are very few women who do not get stretch marks but once they appear, it is almost next to impossible to get rid of them.

So what to do?

1. Collagen And Elastin-

These are two hormones solely responsible for maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. If there is more production of these two hormones during pregnancy, then there are lesser chances of getting stretch marks.

Herbs like Aloe Vera are very beneficial in this aspect. It has been used for thousands for years across many civilizations. Aloe Vera moisturizes and heals the skin; heals wounds and has anti-inflammatory properties.

2. DL Panthenol-

Also known a pro-vitamin B6 improves the lower and upper structure of epidermal layers. Consuming B6 will help to regenerate the tissues and replace the scarred tissues with new cells.

3. Vitamins A And E-

These vitamins block the absorption of UVA rays and UVB rays. They also contribute to cell regeneration like pro-vitamin B6. The vitamin E neutralizes the free radicals in the body which causes the cells to damage thereby healing the cells.

4. Grapefruit Antibiotic-

It is a natural antibiotic that helps to cure skin ailments including stretch marks- it strengthens and gives back its original texture to the skin.

Either when trying to conceive or the initial months of pregnancy are the best time to take precautions for stretch marks.

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