Causes Of Toasted Skin Syndrome

Causes Of Toasted Skin Syndrome

Causes Of Toasted Skin Syndrome - How To Avoid Toasted Skin Syndrome » Toasted Skin Syndrome – Are You At RiskUniversity students and professionals who use laptop computers often notice a dark discoloration on their upper leg. Studies show that people who rest their laptops on their lap several hours a day are likely to suffer toasted skin syndrome. Health experts suggest that as laptop computer’s heat up they can leave marks yet do not burn the skin.

If you have any questions or concerns see your doctor and ask him or her what you can do to prevent it. The condition does not discriminate as people of any age, nationality and gender can suffer from toasted skin syndrome. Children as young as twelve have noticed blotches and skin discoloration on their legs. People usually see it on one leg as their laptop on the left side only. It is unlikely that the discoloration will lead to skin cancer; however, it is possible that future skin complications could occur.

Medical professionals suggest that companies should place warning labels on their laptops telling consumers to avoid overheating and skin conditions. They inform people that they can use their laptop case as a protective shield from toasted skin syndrome. Further information will likely be provided as researchers learn more about toasted skin syndrome. Men have to be particularly careful as the heat can affect their sperm count and will likely lead to infertility.

Heat packs, hot water bottles and other hot objects can lead to toasted skin syndrome if you leave it on your leg for too long. If you use your laptop six to eight hours a day make sure you adjust its position on your leg to prevent blotches and dark skin discoloration. As people continue to buy and use laptops it is likely that they will suffer from the skin condition.

Studies show that people who consistently use their laptop computers are likely to notice blotches and dark skin discoloration on their left leg. The skin condition does not discriminate against age, nationality and gender as children as young as twelve suffer from toasted skin syndrome. If you have any concerns about toasted skin syndrome speak to your doctor and ask what you can do to prevent it.

Health experts suggest that companies should warn consumers about the danger of their products overheating. Further information will likely be provided as more is known about toasted skin syndrome. In conclusion more people will likely suffer from the skin condition as they buy and use laptops.

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