Celeb Careers That Went To Shambles After Leaving Hit Shows

Celeb Careers That Went To Shambles After Leaving Hit Shows

Beverly Hills, 90210, was an instant classic when it premiered on Oct. 4, 1990. The cast, who were unknowns when the teen drama began, became megastars during the show's decade-long run. But Jason Priestley, who became a teen heartthrob as Brandon Walsh, decided nine seasons was enough, and he left the show believing he did all he could do with the character.

"In retrospect, I do regret leaving," Priestley told CNN in 2014. "Understanding what I do now about story and character, I believe that [Aaron Spelling] was pushing the story in a direction that would have had Brandon and Kelly end up together at the end of the show, and I think I probably should have stuck around to its fruition." Ironically, Priestley admitted that his departure was terrible for the show. "I think there was no more moral center to the show," he explained. "There was no more linchpin. There were no more Walshes in the Walsh house. It kind of didn't make sense anymore. So, I regret leaving the show for all those reasons."

Just one year before expressing his regret over leaving Beverly Hills, 90210, Priestley seemed to say that repeating that level of stardom wasn't his goal. "I still have this incredibly active and very successful career," he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2013, adding, "I work on projects all around the world and win awards, and I'm pretty much invisible in Hollywood."

And yet, Priestley did attempt to breach the mainstream once more in 2019 with the series revival BH90210. It was canceled after one season.


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