Centenarian Health Secrets

Centenarian Health Secrets

Centenarian Health Secrets - Health Secrets of a Centenarian - Live a Long & Healthy Life | Tips on - Find TipsA centenarian is someone who lives to be at least 100 years old. If you are a super centenarian, than you are someone who has managed to make it to the ripe old age of a least 110 yrs old. These people live by a certain type of lifestyle in order to live such ling and healthy lives.

One of these fabulous folks was John McMorran. He lived to the age of 113 before he passed on. When asked what his secret was to his lifestyle he said that it was coffee. He started out with bad habits such as eating the wrong foods and smoking. Although he followed this way of life, he remained healthy and lived a long happy life. Coffee is a protector against certain diseases such as Parkinson’s and certain cancers.

The oldest male recognized as a centenarian is Shigechiyo Izumi. He passed away at the age of 120. His daily habits included drinking a Japanese alcohol called shochu. Because it is a distilled drink, it is low in calories, has little after affects and is said to help in preventing certain disease. He did smoke but did not start until the age of 70.

Another one of the great super centenarians was Emiliano Mercado del Torro. He lived to the age of 115 and said that his lifespan was credited to a food called Funche. Because of the ingredients in this meal, corn, cod and milk, it is very healthy. You get your protein and vitamins all in one dish. He was getting Vitamin A for healthy bones and teeth and Vitamin A is said to help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

The oldest living Canadian female on record is Marie-Louise Meilleur. She passed away at 117 years of age and said that her secret was salt. This is a woman whom never ate meat, did not drink and she was in favor of hard work. She felt that a little hard work never hurt anyone. Even though we all feel that salt is bad for you, she claimed that it was part of the reason for her longevity in life.

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