Chad Hurley Stepping Down As YouTube Chief Executive

Chad Hurley Stepping Down As YouTube Chief Executive

Chad Hurley Stepping Down As YouTube Chief Executive - YouTube Chief and Co-Founder You Tube co-founder and chief exec Chad Hurley has announced that he shall be stepping down from his current post which is full of operational responsibilities to take on a new advisory role for the company.

This does not mean that he will be leaving the company, just taking a backseat from the heavy lifting of everyday work.

Hurley said that he had been in preparation for such a role for the past two years and it was time now to take it on.

Hurley had worked with Paypal before he created you Tube with Jawed Karim and Steve Chan, which went on to become a huge success and also ranked at first place in the list of video sharing websites of the world. You Tube was soon bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The search giant now has a staff of 600 to manage You Tube.

Hurley has also said that he would have liked to see You Tube remain independent and realise its potential on its own but is now looking to start a new company based on a something that has utility value for everyone. As chief executive at You Tube, Hurley had major plans for the video sharing website’s expansion into the new and as of yet uncharted territory of internet based television.

He said that he foresees a future where the world of television is merged with the internet and it is no longer television, it is a video based world and the advertisement potential is huge as well.

He also speculated that while You tube only gets average viewing time of 10-15 minutes per day , for each user, the number could increase drastically if it was conjoined with television and was seen for the number of hours an average person watches television.

The revenue opportunities will also be huge when Internet and television get combined to give viewers all content on a single platform. The combination will generate tremendous amounts of revenue as it will revolutionise the way people pay for advertisements on television, the purchasing process and the monitoring of ratings for shows.

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