Change your life

Change your life

Change your life - Graffiti wall - Working habits » How to stretch your thinkingCertainly we tend to base our decisions on what we see and usually overlook what might be just around the corner. Not only are this but we all also encouraged by society to confirm and not to rock the boat. The trouble is that we often guess what is expected of us and limit our potential as a result. But do you know that to change your life pattern, you really need to stretch your thinking, so for all of you people out there, here are some ways that can help you to stretch your thinking-just read them out!

Why don’t you write down your obituary? Is this sounding morbid but actually it‘s not! Believe me; writing positive account of your life keeps you on a motivated track and helps you to overcome disheartening situations of life in a more rapid manner. So what’s stopping you more? Just write account of your life successes to the date. If you want you can also write down what all are missing in your life too.

Create your own graffiti wall and add to it whenever you pass by. Hanging a flip-chart pad on the wall is one way to do this. This will certainly stretch your thinking.

Describe your life in five year’s time, but write in the present tenses. This will help you to visualize your tomorrow today itself and make it seem much more real to you. This will stretch your thinking to much higher level and help you to achieve your long term goals.

Break the habit of working in chains. Most of the things we do are in response to something that has happened before. For e.g. just because you have always worked in an office doesn’t mean you always will. So think from a new perspective.

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