Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin - Charles chaplin biography - Charlie chaplin films - Charlie chaplin videos » Charlie Chaplin–The Little TrampCelebrities may come and celebrities may go but some celebrities seem to live on in our hearts and minds forever. Charlie Chaplin was one of them. The short little silent movie actor keeps a lot of us amused and giggling with his antics on the silver screen. Just the sight of him, and sometimes the thought, is enough to make anyone smile in amusement. However, few people seem to be aware that Charlie had a very sad history and was forever dealing with a cloud of melancholy hanging over his head. So dogged was misfortune of Charlie that even his death had to occur on Christmas day, the 25th of December 1977.

Charlie’s real name was Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin. He was born in London on the 16th of April in the year 1889 and even after more than 3 decades of his death Charlie is able to bring a smile to the face of many. His parents separated very shortly after his birth and his mother was left to fend for herself and her children. It was when she was no longer physically capable of taking care of them that Charlie was shifted to a Lambeth Workhouse along with his brother Sydney. They were later admitted to the Hanwell School for orphans and destitute children.

Sadness seemed to follow Charlie Chaplin throughout his life, separation of his parents, death of his son, his own death on Christmas day and then even his grave was desecrated and his body thrown in a field. Some hoodlums dug up his body and were demanding 400,000 pounds from his widow lady Ozona, for its return. The culprits were traced and arrested and Charlie Chaplin’s body was reburied in a tamper-proof concrete grave.

It is seriously believed that Charlie Chaplin was on Adolph Hitler’s death list and that the Gestapo was tracking him every where he went. Sir Charles Chaplin will live on in the minds of all the people he entertained and even in the minds of youngsters who are not old enough to even know who Charlie Chaplin was, but when they grow old enough to watch some of his films the sad little tramp will make them smile – every time they think of him.

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