Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling - Types of Chemical Peeling - Various Kinds of Chemical Peeling - After Effects of Chemical Peeling | Tips on - Find TipsChemical peeling is a technique which exfoliates old, dull skin to get new skin cells with the help of a chemical agent. This is a popular and effective anti-aging treatment technique which helps remove fine lines and wrinkles around mouth and under the eyes. It makes the skin smoother and improves the texture. In the process, it removes the outer skin layers. Many kinds of chemical peels are available in the market. Let us read about some popular types of chemical peeling.

Various kinds of Chemical Peeling

These various kinds of chemical peels differ according to the chemical agent used. You can choose one according to your circumstances and needs. All these chemical peels differ from each other in their usage, inconvenience, potency and results.

Alphahydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Theses are mildest form of chemical agents which are used for chemical peeling. To have the desired effect, you need several treatments. In this type of chemical peeling, the superficial layer of the skin is acted upon. It aims to remove fine lines, uneven pigmentation, acne and dry areas.

Trichloroacetic Acids (TCAs)

For skin of areas like neck and other body areas, stronger peeling agents are needed. This chemical peel removes wrinkles, pigment problems and blemishes. For longer effect, several sittings are required.


This chemical peel is the strongest form and the most effective in removing the deep wrinkles, strong line on the face and sun damaged skin. Dark skinned people are advised against it as this kind of peel leads to severe lightening of affected area. It takes month’s time to recover. As it needs pain medication, so heart patients are also advised against it.

After Effects of Chemical peeling

After chemical peeling, you need to do proper care of the skin to avoid discoloration of the skin. You may feel redness and scaling of the skin, depending upon the kind of peeling. Sometimes blisters are caused which last for one or two weeks.

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