Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand - Thailand Beaches - Thailand Attractions - Thailand Resort » Four Seasons in ThailandChiang Mai city has a four-season resort located in the northern part of Thailand and is considered a very good place where you can spend your vacations in a calm and quiet atmosphere. Thailand has a unique culture that you will love. Chiang Mai city is famous, with a reputation of cultural and artistic center of Thailand. The four season resort is situated at a distance of few minutes from Chiang Mai in the quiet valley of Mae Rim. The resort is built with the inspiration of Thailand’s traditions and it will give you a jungle palace-like look.

The resort has spacious villas to offer for you to live and enjoy. Every single villa has one big bedroom and this leads the way to a personal swimming pool and whirlpool. You can take a beautiful view of mountains with purple reflections from your villa.

You can visit the Spa and you will feel the spirituality and let the serene atmosphere in the Spa seep into you. The spa has its own garden where a variety of herbs are produced and then used for the treatment of the patients. The variety of oil treatments available will give you a great feeling of serenity.

The resort will provide you a very different and unique experience of dining. You will love the place for Thailand’s different food flavors. The dining sitting options are also very interesting as you can sit either indoor or outdoor according to your own choice. The cuisine will give you the true taste of Thailand’s culture and traditions.

One unique thing about the resort is the presence of a cooking school. You can learn to cook Thai food from experienced chefs. Once you will learn to make Thai food, you can cook your own food for the duration of your stay, if you so wish. The cooking class option is available for you throughout the week.

The resort has plenty of attractions for you and additionally, you can visit Chiang Mai’s market for shopping. Buddhist culture is also interesting, and you can learn all about it by visiting the temple.

So, your visit to Thailand will be a great experience as you can shop at Bangkok’s shopping areas; you can experience the adventure of wild life interaction and you have many other options including visits to the beaches and other four season resorts.

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