Chic Boot

Chic Boot

Chic Boot - Winter Boot Fashion - Skinny Jeans Style - Casual To Dressy » Style Up And Warm This Winter Wearing Chic BootsNow that winter is back with a bang it is important to dress warm to avert the cold but one should not compromise on style either. One of the best things about winter is that you can cover yourself up from head to toes and still look good. You don’t want to be down with flu the whole winter nor would you want to be a laughing stock.

Keeping your feet warm is basic to keeping yourself warm. So here are few warm yet chic boots to keep in mind before shopping for your winter boots.

Ankle Boot is hot among women who love short boots. There is a host of hot styles ranging from casual to dressy and it looks great with skinny jeans. But it looks better with those having slender legs.

Bike Boots is great for the adventurer. It looks strong and sturdy but it does not add much to style. So if you are not particularly looking for a stylish pick but just for the great outdoors this would be the right choice for the cowboys.

Knee High Boots are damn hot. If you want to look hot, elegant and feel warm this is just the right one for you. It is especially flattering for those having chunky calves. The magic is that it makes big calves appear slimmer and cover lower leg flaws. Its no wonder knee-high boots are almost always in style.

This season, men have been gifted with a greater variety of choices. From western to contemporary, and rugged to chic, there is a choice for all men. The latest craze is the
Ugg Boots worn by men from commoners to fashion icons and celebrity men ranging from Leonardo DiCaprio to Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and even females stars like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker. Comfortable and elegant, they were originally worn by Australian sheep-shearers, aviators and surfers in the 1970s.

Now you are ready to look your best yet feel warm this winter.

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