Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger - Chicken Burger Recipe - Splendid Chicken Burger Recipe - Recipe for Chicken Burger | Tips on - Find TipsDo you want to have a chicken burger at home? Well this is no doubt a lip smacking snack and is sure to be favorite for any non-vegetarian lover. It can be the best brunch option for your kid. It can also be the best snack for him at school. Thus, am sure you would love to get some quick burger recipes so that you can impress your family easily.

This is a very handy recipe as most of the items you require to prepare it will be present in your kitchen. The main ingredients you require will be:

Chicken breast, a big fat bun, lettuce leaves, mayonnaise mixed with whipped cream, cheese slices, Tomato ketchup, tomato slices, salt and pepper.

This is a very easy process and requires very less preparation time. First, you need to take the chicken breast fillet. You get them ready made in the market. Wash it properly and marinate it with some salt and dash of limejuice. After an interval, you need to shallow fry it in a flat frying pan so that the oil used is minimal. Oil is used only to prevent it from being burnt.

Take the hamburger buns and cut it from the middle. Spread some tomato ketchup on the inner side of both the halves and place it on the tray. Also, spread the mayonnaise thickly on each side but be cautious so that it does not spill when you bite your burger. Place the lettuce leave on them and decorate it with the tomato slices on top. Now add the cheese slice and place the fried chicken fillet on top. Arrange a layer of the same ingredients in similar pattern on top of the chicken fillet and smear the other burger slice too with the same mixture of mayonnaise.

You can also sauté some freshly chopped vegetables like carrots, beans, capsicum, spring onions, etc. as they accompany burger very well.

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