Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Abuse - Causes of Child Abuse - Signs of Child Abuse - Types of Child Abuse - Slumdog Millionaire | Tips on - Find TipsWhen we stop our car on roadside hotels, restaurants, food corners, we see kids working there as a waiter or washing utensils. This really hurts me, it affects our society. Have we ever thought why all these happen? Major cause is poverty. Economic fall down had taken jobs of many parents , which in turn has forced the kids to come out of their homes and do something to at least grab the meal for 3 times a day.

Child abuse can be different types like physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse and neglect abuse. Neglect abuse is one of the abuse where child is neglected at home. The main cause of neglect abuse is unwanted pregnancy or parents fail to provide the basic needs to their kids. In some cases it is not deliberate, kids of busy parents are often neglected because they are not properly supervised. Common signs of child abuse are:-

1) Psychiatric problems

2) Disorganized attachment

3) Anxiety

4) Emotional distress

5) Disruptive behavior

6) Bad hygiene, ill fitting clothes, bad body odor

7) Swelling, bruises

Child Abuse - Causes of Child Abuse - Signs of Child Abuse - Types of Child Abuse - Slumdog Millionaire | Tips on - Find Tips Bleeding in the genital area

9) Eating disorders

10) Muscle pain, unexplained fatigue.

I really fail to understand why all these happen? The cruelty towards children can often have lifelong affects on them and can even lead to death. Everyone must be aware of the OSCAR WINNING SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE movie. In this movie two characters are in realty living in slums. They acted so well that they walked on Red Carpet which is a dream of thousands of Actors and Actresses who are serving this industry from last many years. Good luck needs no explanation. The idea behind all this is if every person is given a chance to prove themselves, you never know what miracle can happen because luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So , before doing child abuse just give a second thought that every child has some special skill hidden which has to be taken out and if this happens every one of us can contribute to make this world a happier place to live.

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