Child Sexual Abuse in India: Laws Against Child Abuse | Tips on

Child Sexual Abuse in India: Laws Against Child Abuse | Tips on

Child Sexual Abuse in India: Laws Against Child Abuse | Tips on - Find TipsAccording to a study conducted by the World Health Organization 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 7 boys is abused sexually. In India, as per the WHO survey, the incidence of child sexual abuse was high as the figure stood at more than 56 percent. Does this scare us ? Does this make us sit up and think for a moment ? Since the figures are so high could it be that our loved ones are at a great risk ? And the scariest fact is that in most cases, the abuser is either a member of the family or known to the victim. Child abuse is not only sexual but physical as well as psychological maltreatment of children. While most of the cases happen at the child’s home, a significant portion of them also occur in organizations like orphanages ,schools , residential schools, childcare businesses. Neglect or not providing for a child’s needs is also a form of abuse. Most abused children suffer greater emotional than physical damage.

Laws against Child Abuse

CSA and its prevention have become major problems as we don’t have specific laws against them and also due to lack of awareness on the subject. While punishment and correction are ways to tackle the problem, prevention would be a better method for it is difficult to bring CSA offenders to book and also it is virtually impossible to erase the painful scars of the victim which mars his/her childhood. In India a few organizations are working towards the redressal of this, the chennai-based Tulir being one of the foremost. Also, with the aid of public interest, lawyers across the country, with Maharukh Adenwala spearheading the Campaign on Law for Child Sexual Abuse, are working on white paper on CSA that will will serve as the starting point of this work nationwide.

Awareness through Art & Literature
There has also been CSA awareness attempts in theatre and literature.Bitter Chocolate by Pinki Virani is based on real-life experiences of CSA victims. We also find instance of child abuse in The Kite-Runner by Khaleid Hosseini where Assef abuses Shoaib. Mahesh Dattani’s play 30 Days in September deals with CSA head-on by showing how child abuse can adversely impact a child’s life and go onto bring in a mental block which can affect his/her future.

Children are not safe anywhere in today’s world which is a shame for us. There is an urgent need to address this matter up-front. For a country with nearly 40 per cent of its population comprising children, measures to contain such atrocities are long overdue.

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