Children Eczema

Children Eczema

Children Eczema - Scaly Dry Skin - Children Rashes - Skin Wart » Common Skin Problems in ChildrenChildren skin’s is sensitive and can often get infected by various infections. However, such skin problems in children are usually not serious in nature. This article will provide information on some of the common skin problems that children often complain of.

To begin with, children can complain of red and inflamed skin due to bug bites, rashes, bumps, or bruises. These are not diseases but simply a reflection of childhood as children often get hurt while playing outdoors. Similarly, diaper rashes are common in babies.

There are skin diseases like eczema which a child can inherit from his parents or grandparents. Eczema can also occur despite any genetic linkage and it is usually seen in children who have a dry and scaly skin. Children who have asthma or allergies are more prone to skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Eczema in turn can also lead to the problem of dandruff.

A common skin disease in infants is impetigo. This contagious infection can be characterized by sores in the facial region, especially around the mouth and nose region.

Children who have sensitive skin can suffer from rashes and burns when exposed to direct sunlight. It is thus necessary that you take proper care of your child’s skin and use precautionary sunscreen lotions to avoid sunburns and rashes.

You must have often seen many children scratching their head. This can be due to the problem of lice. Warts are another common skin problem found in children and even in adults.

Children who are fond of swimming can be seen being affected by the problem of Athlete’s foot. This is a fungal skin infection which usually occurs in moist and humid conditions.

We usually associate acne as a skin problem which happens during adolescence. However, even children can sometimes be affected by acne and their acne is usually mild in nature.

Given above are some of the common skin problems children can suffer from. One should be aware of the common causes and triggers of such problems to prevent them.

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