Chinese Medicine for Pregnancy

Chinese Medicine for Pregnancy

Chinese Medicine for Pregnancy - Acupuncture During Pregnancy - Discomfort During Pregnancy - Side Effects of Chinese Medicine » Traditional Chinese medicine for pregnancyDuring pregnancy women will undergo lot of discomfort. There will be change in the hormone level, they undergo period of discomfort, anxiety and pain. With all this, it is a joyous moment for the woman because she will be the mother of her beloved child.

To alleviate the pain and discomfort western medical system has many remedies. Many people are reluctant to take these medicines because of the side effects of these medicines. Some believe that these western medicines do not cure the root of the problem.

How effective is the Chinese system of medicine?

But the Chinese system of medicine which has been time tested for its effectiveness since about 2000 years has the answer to what the western system of medicine cannot answer or cure.

This is a holistic system according to which the health of the person depends on the balance and flow of energy called ‘Qi’ (Chee). Poor diet, physical changes like pregnancy, emotion and stress, lack of exercise, bad environment, etc. will change the balance and flow of ‘Qi’ and this results in diseases.


But the balance and flow of Qi can be restored by the principle of acupuncture where special hair thin needles are inserted into anatomical points of the body.

These needles are allowed to stay on the person for some time say about 15 to 20 minutes and they are then removed.

By using this principle of acupuncture, pregnancy related conditions can be cured. These include Nausea, Insomnia, back pain, premature labor, anxiety, Breech, Cervical ripening for easy delivery, overdue pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, etc. In this system, normally oral medicines are not prescribed.

There are many persons who are specialized in the acupuncture for relieving pain and other discomfort during pregnancy. By following this method, the general health condition of the pregnant woman also improves.

Many specialized acupuncture centers have been established in China to treat pregnant women. Such centers have been established in many other countries all over the world also.

Acubalance Wellness Centre established in Canada is one such Center which is treating many pregnant women using the acupuncture technique.

These Centers are manned by experts in the field of acupuncture who have taken masters degree in this traditional Chinese system of medicine. Many pregnant women are benefited by these Centers and this system of medicine is becoming more and more popular.

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