Choose the Colors for Your Business Logo

Choose the Colors for Your Business Logo

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Colors give beauty to the world and the colors of your business logo can have great impact on your business. The colors can do much with the promotional activities of your business and it is the best way to express the emotions. Colors can symbolize the ideas and meanings of your business and they are considered as the non verbal communication tool. While designing your logo or web site keep in mind that it is going to perceive the mind and eyes of the public. Here are some tips to choose the colors for your business logo.

Tips to Choose Colors

1. Consider the cultural meaning of the colors like the white color is the best for wedding in Western culture while in Eastern culture it is the symbol death. Choose your color depending on the region on which you are doing your business.

2. Colors have physical meanings also. For example red is considered as an aggressive color showing passion, excitement, speed etc. Green is a calm color exhibiting the Mother Nature, growth etc. While a dull shade of green gives an old age impression. Choose colors depending on their meaning.

3. Cool colors are called blue, turquoise, green and silver. Warm colors are red, yellow, pink, gold and orange. Mixed cool colors are lavender, purple, turquoise and green. Neutral colors are brown, ivory, black, gray, beige and white. Arrange the logo of your business by knowing the meaning of these colors. It will give a better impression for your logo.

4. You can use harmonizing colors or adjacent colors in a color wheel, but care should be taken not to use them too closely. This is because it will give a washed out effect instead of the contrast effect.

5. Complementary colors if used side by side will create visual vibrations and it appears less worthy. Separate the complementary colors with another color to avoid visual vibrations.

6. Contrasting colors can create some thing great if used carefully. Use of contrast colors opposite to each other will provide excellent visibility.

Colors can do magic on your business so be careful while choosing the colors.

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