Christmas Family Holidays

Christmas Family Holidays

Christmas Family Holidays - How to Celebrate Christmas - Christmas and Holiday Season - Way To Spend Christmas » Perfect way to spend Christmas holidays with your childrenChristmas is just another time to rejoice with your family members and friends. It is the time to fill the stockings with gifts, so parents certainly need to be careful about the kind of toys that they would be buying for their kids.

Always keep in mind that Christmas is also the season of giving. You should, therefore, take this opportunity to teach your children to donate their old toys, books and clothes to other needy children. You can take them to an orphanage where they can donate their old items. If this is not possible, you can at least involve them in choosing the old toys and other items that they would like to give away.

In fact, apart from giving away their old items, they should also be encouraged to buy toys etc. for others hen you take them for festal shopping for their gifts. Inculcate in them the ‘art of giving’ as the motto of this Christmas season.

Also Christmas involves holidays which are sometimes filled with bored afternoons. As such, you need to plan interesting activities for them. You can involve your children in interesting painting activities. Some of such wonderful painting activities are mentioned below-have a look!

Involve them in kitchen gadget printing. Old kitchen gadgets like egg beater, rolling pin, wooden spoon etc can be used to create interesting paintings. Believe me; your children will have lot of fun in doing all this.

You can also make your children do some straw painting. Take bowl of water, mix some detergent and few drops of paint in it. Give straw to the child and let the child blow into the bowl. Lots of bubbles will start rising. Take paper and press it on the bubbles to take impressions. When the bubbles settle down, they leave fantastic colorful impressions.

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