Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party Games - Game to Play at Christmas Party - How to Decorate a Christmas Tree | Tips on - Find TipsDecorate the Christmas Tree

Place a number of Christmas trees. Give a lot of accessories to each of the contestants. Making the best use of these accessories and using the minimum possible time, they have to decorate the Christmas tree. The person whose tree is the best decorated wins.

Collect the Stars

You would have used a lot of stars to decorate the Christmas hall. So tell the contestants to collect maximum number of stars in 30 seconds. The person with maximum number of stars wins.

Maximum Number of Carols

Give one minute time for each contestant. Each contestant has to name maximum number of carols they know in one minute. The person who names maximum number of carols wins.

Play the Christmas Tune

Using a Music system, play the tunes of a number of carols. The contestants have to keep recognizing the tunes and pen it down in a sheet of paper. Person with maximum answers correct wins.

Find Santa’s Cap

Have 5 boxes given to each contestant. One of these boxes will have Santa’s cap. The person, who finds out which box has the hat early, will be the winner.

Blindfolded is it?

Keep several Christmas items in a bowl. Cover it with a cloth with a hole in the center. The contestant has to pick the items one by one and by the feel of it, has to recognize which Christmas item it is. The person who gets maximum number of items correct wins.

Assemble my Santa

Write a Santa and color it on a card board. Cut it into different pieces. Mix it up. Give each contestant one minute time. They have to assemble these things and form our Santa.

Get my Choice only

Have five boxes filled with different gifts in it. Now tell out the 5 things in the boxes and ask the contestant, which is the best gift he would like to have. He will name one gift. The contestant is given only one chance to guess. If his guess of the box for the gift is correct, then he will win the gift.

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