Clinical Resech

Clinical Resech

Clinical Resech - Basic Steps Involved in Clinical Trials - Clinical Trial Steps - Clinical Reserch Overview | Tips on - Find TipsA clinical research is the study of risks, efficacy, effects and benefits of a medicinal products. It is basically done before the marketing of drug for common people. It involves group of people on which this study is done and they are paid certain amount of compensation or remuneration. These studies are conducted by various pharmaceutical companies.

India is becoming the hub for clinical research. India is viewed the world over as the ideal location for cli9nical research trials for pharmaceutical industries due to prevalence of a large variety of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Various medical professionals are transforming their career and entering in clinical research field, as it is booming , lucrative, and interesting branch of modern science.

Eligibility criteria to enter in clinical research is B.S.C degree, medical background, M.B.B.S, B.D.S, pharmacy, medicine , life sciences. Anyone who fulfills this criteria can enter in this field. The most common entry level position is CRA . CRA is the key participant in design, implementation and monitoring of clinical trials . His responsibility is to ensure that Good Clinical Practices are followed.

The basic steps involved in clinical trials are :-

1) Develop the study concept

2) Secure funding for the study

3) Prepare a protocol for the study

4) Ethical and regulatory compliance is maintained

5) Develop and implement the study

6) Conduct and monitor the study

7) Close the study

Clinical Resech - Basic Steps Involved in Clinical Trials - Clinical Trial Steps - Clinical Reserch Overview | Tips on - Find Tips Analyze study data and implement the results

9) Communicate the results

These are basic steps covered in clinical trials. Some studies , involving pharmaceutical products, are designed to determine what the body does to the product . These are known as pharmacokinetic studies. Another type of studies examine what the product does to the body . These are known as pharmacodynamic studies. Some studies combine both pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic component.

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