Coconut Water and Health Benefits

Coconut Water and Health Benefits

Coconut Water and Health Benefits - Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water - Tender Coconut | Tips on - Find TipsCOCONUT WATER

Coconut water is a refreshing, naturally fat-free drink which has many health benefits to it. It is not just fat-free but also low on crabs and sugars. This clear liquid found inside tender coconuts has organic compounds that are known to promote healthy growth. Coconut water is specially popular in the Tropics where it is sold fresh or bottled. Nowadays they are also found carefully packaged and sold as tetra-packs or in cans. It is also being sold as a sports drink because it has high potassium and mineral content. In some places where saline for medical purpose is not available it is used as an intravenous fluid. Coconut for drinking is harvested when they are young and have mostly fresh water and very little meat which is a tender gel-like substance.


The benefits of this drink are many and incredible. This is used not just for health or as a beauty aide but also for re-hydration. Some of these benefits can be stated to be as follows :

  • It helps to keep the body cool & maintain a proper temperature
  • Coconut water is known to be good for treating intestinal disturbances and very effective at cleansing the digestive tract.
  • It not only a medium of oral re-hydrating your body but also helps to naturally replenish the body after exercising.
  • It helps to improve the immune system by balancing the pH level of the body and reducing risk of cancer. It is a good drink for cholera patients and also helps to fight intestinal worms. It is also effective in fighting viruses and can be used as an urinary antiseptic in cases of urinary disorder.
  • It helps boost the metabolism and thereby can promote weight loss.
  • Serves as a good remedy to prevent prickly heat and summer boils and is also known to be used to treat rashes caused by chicken pox and small pox.
  • Coconut water is known to be good for blemishes on the skin and also helps to attain that youthful and supple skin. It is a good cleanser and used in detoxifying the skin.

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