Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive Distortions - Behaviour, Cognitive Thinking - Depression Treatment » How cognitive distortions affect your mood-read outCognitive distortions are the negative thought processes that often results in depression. It is very important that you challenge them in a proper way so that these distortions do not affect you in an enormous way. Here is some of the list of cognitive behavior that affects your mood in a big way-just read them out!

Mind reading:
In this distortion, a person feel that he or she knows what other people think without having enough to happen evidence for same. For e.g. ‘she thinks that I am a failure.’

In this distortion, you always believe that something awful is going to happen. For e.g. ‘If I fail, I will be devastated.’

Dichotomous thinking:
In such type of thinking, you start viewing events or people in “all or nothing” terms. For e.g. ‘I will get rejected by everyone’

In such a distortion you take on most of the blame for any negative event on your shoulders. For e.g. ‘my marriage ended because if me.’


Here, you starts blaming others for their faults and for awful events and assumes zero percent responsibility of events on yourself. For e.g. ‘only you are responsible for a car accident.’

Inability to confirm
In this distortion, you start rejecting argument that contradicts your negative thoughts. For e.g. when you think, ‘I am unlovable’, you rejects the evidence of people loving you.

Here, you set arbitrary standards and find that you and others fall short in respect to those standards.

Though genetics plays an important role but some simple changes in your thinking and behavior can boost your mood tremendously. Mind it, it’s very important to get rid of such thinking and behavioral patterns for leading a more fulfilling and a happy life. So make sure you consult a trained psychologist in case you suffer from any of such cognitive distortions.

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