Cola - Cola Drink - Soft Drinks - Pepsi Cola - Coke Cola - Cola Can Be Harmful - Disadvantges Of Cola » Cola can be HarmfulWhether it is a hot day, a party or any form of celebration- the first thing a person does is to drink a glass of cola drink. It might seem refreshing, it might taste good but eventually what we are drinking is nothing but a sweet form of poison. Soft drinks are a major hurdle in one’s healthy living as it can cause various problems like obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, osteoporosis, heart disease, nutritional deficiencies and many neurological disorders. Despite so many disadvantages, there has been a rise in cola consumption, especially in younger generation, due to the various attractive advertisements which are shown by soft drink manufacturers in order to lure people.

The popular cola drink is a strange mixture of phosphoric acid, sugar, caffeine, coloring and flavoring matter. The amount of phosphoric acid in such drinks is 55% which in turn gives cola drinks an acidity of pH 2.6 which is the same as vinegar. It is due to this reason that cola drinks lead to an increased acidity level in the body. Moreover, high phosphoric content can also lead to softening of one’s teeth and nails.

While all soft drinks are acidic, it is dark colas like Coke and Pepsi which are the most acidic and thus the most harmful. The high content of acidity leads to further problems like Gastronomic distress characterized by increased stomach acid levels. This in turn leads to digestion problems, stomach aches and the phosphorous which is found in fizzy drinks can damage the stomach lining and cause the stomach to be ineffective over a period of time. According to a cancer research, colas can lead to a decrease in the oxygen level in one’s body and can thus increase the risk of cancer.

Cola drinks contain in themselves large amounts of sugar, carbon dioxide and phosphoric acid which in turn weakens one’s born and makes them susceptible to bone fractures and problems like osteoporosis. Girls who drink a lot of cola instead of healthy drinks are more at risk as their body needs more calcium due to the biological make-up.

Cola drinks also contain caffeine whose high intake can lead to disorders like insomnia, anxiety and other neurological disorders. Thus, one should avoid black drinks as much as possible so as to live a healthy and a happy life.

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