Cold sores

Cold sores

Cold sores - Causes of Cold sores - Cold Sores Treatment - How to Treat a Cold Sore | Tips on - Find TipsIf you have had them, then you probably know how embarrassing it is to have, right there in your face for everybody to see. They begin as a red swelling and then comes the blister, which breaks into ugly scabs.

Cold sores are quite common, as common as about 20 to 40% people having them. So, you are not alone here. Read on to find out more about these sores.

What causes cold sores?

The virus, herpes simplex, is to blame for cold sores. This virus is responsible for causing sores in two places, both of which are sure to cause embarrassment.

The Type 1 ensures the blisters or sores around your mouth; these are the cold sores, even called oral herpes. The Type 2 causes blisters around your genitals as well as thighs this is genital herpes.

It starts with a red swelling that tingles and is followed by the appearance of a blister. The cold sores can spread even to your chin and lips and also to the inside of your nose. When the blister will break, it will cause a scar that will not heal for at least some weeks.

The saddest thing about herpes virus is that once you get it, you can never get rid of it.

How do you get it?

Because it is virus, you get it from someone who is infected. You can get it by kissing someone who has it, or even by sipping from the same glass, using the same cutlery or sharing your chapstick. One more way is to get is by doing oral sex with someone having genital herpes.

How do they spread?

You should remember that cold sores will not stay restricted to your mouth. If you do not take care, they sure will spread to your other body parts. Always clean your hands using soap and water as soon as you happen to touch that cold sore of yours. However, as far as possible, you should not touch them at all.

Is there any treatment?

The answer is yes. You can treat the sores with a topical cream. You can even approach your doctor to get some antibiotics.

You should also avoid stressing out because it can worsen your condition or even cause an outbreak. Other things that can set off an outbreak of cold sores are food allergies, general fatigue as well as weather conditions.

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