Cologne Application

Cologne Application

Cologne Application - How to Apply men Cologne - Cologne Application Tips » Cologne ApplicationIf you a fashionable man and you have any questions about colognes, or whether you want to improve your knowledge about grooming and cologne application, you’ll find answers to questions concerning trendsetting, applying the right amount of cologne, right here – so stick around!

Everybody wants to smell good and nobody wants to be infamous for smelling like too much of anything and forever leaving a trail of cologne behind them. That’s totally un-cool!

Your goal as a well-groomed, modern man, of course, should be to smell pleasant and fresh on an every day basis. As a common rule, a good way to apply cologne is to keep it light. Everyone has different tastes, but now make sure not to go overboard on the spraying.

Think how annoying it is to have someone beside you in a queue or restaurant cubicle just reeking of sweat-covered-with-cologne; it’s yuck! So, don’t do to others what you certainly don’t want wafting up your nose – we mean, trying to camouflaging perspiration with overdose of cologne – it only brings out the smell of sweat more, which is appalling.

To avoid people feeling the same about your cologne, try to dust on anti-perspirant powder to soak up any sweat before applying cologne to dry skin if you can’t pull in a shower just before, which is ideal for perfect cologne application.

Normally a bottle of cologne in spray format is easier to use and a smart option for those who fined it hard to judge the amount of cologne they put on. Make a rule of thumb: try to keep cologne application at 2 sprays per application.

If you have the normal cologne bottle, avoid splashing it on like they show in T.V. commercials. Instead, apply one finger over the bottle opening, tilt the bottle over and you can apply cologne on your choice of application points: behind your ears, the glandular points or your wrists, neck, chest, back, and thighs or wherever you feel most comfortable. Don’t try to exceed one or two “finger” applications.

In the end, make sure to spread your cologne out to various parts of your body. This allows the scent to emanate slowly and evenly during the day.

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