Color Blindness Symptoms

Color Blindness Symptoms

Color Blindness Symptoms - Color Blindness Treatment - Causes Of Color Blindness » Color BlindnessIf you have difficulty in distinguishing between various colors, then you might be suffering from color blindness. Color blindness is a sort of vision defect which occurs when there is a problem with the color sensing materials in certain nerve cells of the eye. The most common is the difficulty in distinguishing between red and green. This makes it difficult for the affected person to drive due to inability to follow traffic signals. Also, people with color blindness can have trouble seeing blue-yellow color. However, the worst kind of color blindness is when a person cannot see any kind of color and this condition is medically termed as achromatopsia.

Color blindness is a problem whose cause is primarily linked with genetics. It can also be acquired by certain kinds of eye diseases and also due to normal process of aging. Sometimes, certain kinds of medication can also lead to color defect. The symptoms of this problem varies with person to person but is linked with difficulty in distinguishing colors. Such people face the problem of seeing colors and brightness of them and are also unable to differentiate between shades of same or similar color.

People with color blindness usually face certain kinds of complications as they are unable to drive and also select profession which requires perfect vision. Professions like color photography or flying gets restricted for such people. Since color blindness is caused due to missing or incorrect visual pigments, there is no permanent cure for it. However, if your problem is acquired due to certain eye diseases, then that condition can be rectified by treatment of the underlying cause.

Moreover, many special aids have been developed to help persons with the problem of color blindness. These include specially tinted contact lenses and eyeglasses. Thu, if your color blindness is inherited, you might have to learn to live with it.

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