Colouring Hair

Colouring Hair

Colouring Hair - Spa Treatment - Hair Colour - Dry Hair - Hair Conditioners - Hair Texture » Take precautions while colouring your hairDon’t cry if your natural hair quality damages. Colouring hair is so irresistible these days, its hard to find out who is actually a real blond. When you step out from your house you see many colorful heads moving around hastily. Some dye hair to hide their age and some for a style. It has become a fashion for every one. There are certain precautions one need to take if thinking of going for a changed look.

First thing you must know the demerits and merits of colour. Colour product has got strong chemical concentration hence; it can cause greater damage to your hair.

If you are applying for the first time then be sure to get dry hair and it is nothing to worry, you can always remedied with a strong conditioner. If you are colouring repetitively, your hair quality is bound to damage since so much of chemical is injected in your hair. It will not only take away moisture from hair but also luster; textures and those who have straight hair will turn wavy or curly shape.

Take these steps to protect your hair from damaging. Before applying the colour make sure to follow them. Cut or trim your hair so that ends hair do not soak up the entire colour.

Those who have hair problem due to frequent colouring, you can go for hair spa treatment. It is available in a near by salon. Don’t go for henna if you are thinking of going for the artificial colouring. It can soak up your hair moisture. And also your hair don’t catch colour.

There should be enough gape after each application i.e. four to five months gape. You must test before applying colours. This will let you know whether you should proceed further. A patch of test has to remain 15 to 20 minutes in order to get exact result. Those who are suffering from scalp sensitivity, make sure you tell your stylist.

After colored your hair, you must use good colour preventive shampoo. To restore hair texture you must use a good conditioner. People with dry and damaged hair must go for balms or hair serum after colouring. Avoid colouring frequently.

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