Common Infant Illnesses

Common Infant Illnesses

Common Infant Illnesses - Infant Illnesses - Infant Boys Illnesses - Infant Girls Illnesses - Illnesses Herbal Treatments » Common Infant IllnessesThe tender and sensitive constitution of an infant makes him susceptible to various problems and illnesses. Parents have a very important role to play in their child’s healthy development as they need to keep a track of any unusual symptom that might be irritating the child. Moreover, taking your child to a pediatric is a must if you find him in pain or discomfort as one should never take a chance with the health and safety of a small child.

One illness which is very common with young kids is that of cold due to their sensitive immune system. Constipation is another problem which affects young children in particular, especially when they start their intake of solid food items. Constipation as well as diarrhea can be common in infants once they move away from mother’s milk to other solid food items. You might have noticed various infants suffering from the problem of fever. While the cause of fevers is babies is not certain, it is a kind of indication that there is something wrong with the overall health of your child. Fevers then may be an indication of some other internal problem which the child may be facing.

Young infants are also prone to gastro-esophagus Reflux disease (GERD) which causes discomfort and pain to the child due to the acidic contents which move back into the esophagus from the stomach. A small child’s body is sensitive and is also prone to ear infections and to certain infections of the respiratory tract. A kid is also prone to skin rashes and skin infections as bacteria and viruses easily attack the underdeveloped and sensitive body of the child. Cradle cap is a skin infection which affects many infants from about two weeks to six months of age. This infection is characterized by yellow, oily patches of scaling on the infant’s scalp.

These common ailments of an infant should not be ignored and regular check-ups and treatments should be taken from a doctor. While there are natural and herbal treatments available, they should be used only after the consultation of a doctor as a child’s body is sensitive and one should never take chance with it.

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