Common Interview Mistakes

Common Interview Mistakes

Common Interview Mistakes - Tips to avoid Interview Mistakes - Mistakes during the Interview | Tips on - Find TipsNot dressing properly for the interview. Never go dressed very funky to the interview. The interviewer may think that you are very boyish and your chances of getting selected in the interview may reduce.

Going late to the interview is another big mistake, which people do generally. Never do this because it speaks a lot on your behavior. They will think that you don’t have time-sense. So it is always better, that you know the location well in advance. Browse the net for the correct address or speak to the HR to get the correct address. Go to google earth and find out the proper location.

Try going to that location at the most peak hour of the day, so that you know how many hours early you need to leave your house to go to the interview. Know where is parking is before hand and also know whether you will get parking there during the interview. At the last minute it should not happen, that you have reached on time but you are not getting proper parking place. So be prepared with all these things. Going to the interview 15 minutes early is always suggested.

Never be arrogant. Listening to the question properly before answering is very important. If you have not understood the question properly ask for it and give an apt answer. If you have not understood the question properly the interviewer will think that you’re listening and understanding power is zero.

Don’t ask poor questions. Don’t ask questions which are against the company where you are attending the interview. Don’t bad mouth about the company where you have applied for or where you have worked previously.

Be very clear on your thoughts when you answer questions and remember things. If by any chance when the interview is going on a call comes for the interviewer and he forgets where he left you previously and asks for it later, remember the point where you people stopped. This speaks a lot on your memory. However speaking to others on cell, even for interviewers is considered bad manners.

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